Experts indentify a household move as one of life's most stressful experiences (along with unemployment, divorce, and illness). Progressive Relocation Solutions, an employee relocation services company, helps companies and their relocating employees (transferees) manage the details, reduce stress, and quickly become integrated and productive in their new environment.

Company Benefits

Improved worker productivity. Transferees can relax knowing that they (and their families) will have help with all details, in every step of the relocation process, which helps them to concentrate on their work.

Recruit and retain employees. Hiring new employees is costly for companies. However, dependable relocation services give potential employees more reasons to join, stay with your company, and to refer a highly-qualified colleague which ensures a higher return on your investment.

Control move-related costs. Relocation costs can quickly spiral out of control if left in unqualified or inexperienced hands. Progressive Relocation Solutions has the cost-containment knowledge gained through years of successful relationships with clients, moving companies, realtors, and other service providers. We watch your budget as if it was our own, and we pass the savings on to you.

For employees

Reduce stress. The excitement and challenge of a new position are often overshadowed by the fear and uncertainty of relocating. Progressive Relocation Solutions understands the concerns of transferees and has a proven track record of identifying and addressing the needs of employees and their families.

Improved ability to focus on work. Distractions are a productivity killer. And relocating to a new city is riddled with potential distractions, from selling and buying a home, to handling moving and storage, to finding schools, and healthcare. By working closely with the transferring employees to understand their needs and decisions at the beginning of the process, Progressive Relocation Solutions intercepts and resolves those issues before they can become distractions. Employees are free to devote their energies to the challenges of their new assignments.

A trusted guide through the relocation process. Even the simplest relocation involves a complex set of issues, and often the transferee doesn't know what questions to ask or where to turn for answers. Progressive Relocation Solutions has guided countless satisfied employees through the process. Our personalized, proactive approach ensures there are no surprises.

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