Expense Management Services

Expense Tracking

Careful accounting, reporting, and advice

Offering relocation benefits is a key benefit that can help attract and retain your company’s best talent. But continued offering of that benefit is dependent on it being cost-effective. Progressive Relocation Solutions help keep costs down by providing comprehensive expense tracking of all relocation expenses and tax issues. We work with you ahead of time to understand your policies and reporting requirements, and make sure to communicate with you throughout the process to keep expenses predictable and budgets in line.

Gross Up Methodology

What is a Gross Up?

Grossing up is the process of calculating and offsetting the transferee’s tax burden associated with reimbursed expenses that are deemed taxable by the IRS. Reporting relocation expenses is one of the most complex issues for human resource professionals and accountants.  Progressive Relocation Solutions has experts available to handle these calculations for you with these options:

  • Simple Gross Up
  • The Inverse Method
  • The True Up Method

Tax Assistance

Minimizing liability and avoiding surprises

Relocation benefits can result in complex and nuanced tax situations for your company. Progressive Relocation Solutions has experienced tax accounting professionals who are experts at understanding the tax requirements and implications of the various gross-up methodologies, reimbursement practices, an benefit pay-outs. We work closely with you to determine the best course of action that complies with tax law, your policies and reporting standards, and the best interests of your company and employees.

Lump Sum Management

Simplifying reimbursement

Oftentimes the best solution is the simplest one, and our lump sum management is a straightforward program that reimburses a transferee up front with a single payment. Progressive Relocations Solutions can administer the program, and provides guidance and support to the transferees to ensure their needs are properly budgeted and that the funds are used most effectively. This cost-efficient program helps companies extend relocation benefits to a larger percentage of employees, and reduces the overhead of reporting and reimbursing expenses.

Move Estimates and Cost Projections

Accurately predicting costs and budgeting for benefits

It’s important to understand costs and capital expenses up front and to budget for them accordingly. Progressive Relocation Solutions has years of experience and records which allows us to accurately predict the costs to your company for each move and relocation program. We work with you to understand your needs and do “what if” scenarios to find the best solution for your company and transferee and to avoid surprises.


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